Special ToI Panel on the US Elections

Top left to right: David Horovitz (Founding Editor of the Times of Israel); Amanda Borschel-Dan (Deputy Editor); Haviv Rettig Gur (Senior Analyst); and Jacob Magid (US Correspondent)

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Tune in now to a new Behind the Headlines panel, exclusively for the ToI Community.

This Thanksgiving week, The Times of Israel’s founding editor David Horovitz, senior analyst Haviv Rettig Gur, and US correspondent Jacob Magid join deputy editor Amanda Borschel-Dan to speak about the Israeli-American relationship vis a vis the outgoing Trump and incoming Biden administrations.

Click here to watch the panelIn the spirit of the North American holiday, we’ll talk about what Israelis are thankful for after the four years of the Trump administration. Just prior to the November 3 election, an Israel Democracy Institute survey found that 70 percent of Israeli Jews felt that Republican incumbent Trump was the preferred candidate, “from the standpoint of Israel’s interests,” over the eventual President-elect Joe Biden.

Poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute (screenshot from IDI website, edited)

Asked if the Trump administration’s “generosity” to Israel has caused a waning of bipartisan support throughout the US government for the Jewish state, Horovitz says “both Trump and Netanyahu made it easier than it otherwise would have been for people to suggest that the cause of Israel is a partisan cause.” But this is taking place, says Horovitz, in an era in which the “notion of bipartisanship” in America on anything is difficult to sustain.

The panel speaks to Israeli concerns over the stated Biden intention to return to the Iran nuclear deal, as well as chances for additional peace agreements in the new Middle East.

The discussion can be viewed on YouTube at your convenience by following this link.

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