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Daily Briefing May 21, Day 228: Same-same? ICC prosecutor equates Israeli & Hamas leaders

Legal reporter Jeremy Sharon delves into the explosive request for arrest warrants for PM Netanyahu and Hamas head Sinwar, reports on International Court of Justice hearings

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 20-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.

It is day 228 of the war with Hamas. Legal reporter Jeremy Sharon joins host Amanda Borschel-Dan for today’s episode.

Official Israel was shocked yesterday by the televised announcement by the International Criminal Court’s Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan that he has applied for arrest warrants against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. In parallel, Khan is seeking arrest warrants for Hamas’s senior leadership — Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, and Ismail Haniyeh. Sharon explains the court’s remit and dives into what may happen next.

South Africa alleged at the International Court of Justice at special hearings on Thursday and Friday that Israel’s current limited offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah is Jerusalem’s “endgame” in its effort to commit genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza, by destroying what the South African team described as the last habitable area of the coastal enclave. It has asked the court to order Israel to halt its military operation. Sharon explains how facts on the ground may sway the court’s view.

Bands of extremist youths blocked trucks in several places around the country Sunday night in what appeared to be the continuation of a coordinated, often-violent campaign to halt the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza for as long as Israeli hostages are still held captive by Hamas in Gaza. We hear about one such instance that Borschel-Dan witnessed and Sharon delves into the group that is thought to be behind the obstructions.

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