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Daily Briefing May 29: Day 236 – MKs on right and left seek alliances, oppose PM

Political correspondent Sam Sokol discusses Gideon Sa’ar and Avigdor Liberman seeking a right-wing coalition, as new Labor Party head Yair Golan vows to create a new Israeli left

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 20-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.

It is day 236 of the war with Hamas. Political correspondent Sam Sokol joins host Jessica Steinberg for today’s episode.

Sokol discusses an upcoming meeting on Wednesday of right-wing party leaders Gideon Sa’ar and Avigdor Liberman with opposition leader Yair Lapid, as they look to create a wider alliance to oppose the government, representing a constellation of hawkish parties that believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition is damaging the country.

He also talks about the landslide victory of former Meretz Knesset member and IDF general Yair Golan in Wednesday’s Labor party primary, and Golan’s plan to unite all left-wing parties and protest movements into one bloc, aiming to reignite the Israeli left.

Sokol mentions the Monday visit of former American UN envoy Nikki Haley to Israel’s southern region, where she asserted that Russian intelligence and Chinese funds directly facilitated the devastating October 7 Hamas attack.

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Discussed articles include:

Sa’ar willing to make ‘concessions’ to create right-wing bloc opposing Netanyahu

Yair Golan wins landslide victory in Labor primary with promise to unite the left

Visiting southern Israel, Nikki Haley blames Iran, Russia and China for October 7

THOSE WE HAVE LOST: Civilians and soldiers killed in Hamas’s onslaught on Israel

THOSE WE ARE MISSING: The hostages and victims whose fate is still unknown

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