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Daily Briefing May 30: Pride parade under threat as extremists’ ally heads security

Knesset correspondent Carrie Keller Lynn on judicial overhaul & interview with protest leader Shikma Bressler; military reporter Emanuel Fabian on how Israel’s air force marked 75

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world, from Sunday through Thursday.

Military correspondent Emanuel Fabian and Knesset correspondent Carrie Keller Lynn join host Amanda Borschel-Dan in today’s episode.

There are initial reports of threats against Thursday’s gay pride parade in Jerusalem. Fabian fills us in on what we know now.

The judicial overhaul package is still officially frozen, but according to leaked statements yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his Likud party that it is “not dead.” Keller Lynn explains what else is going on — including what else did he say?

Yesterday, Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana set the vote on the two Knesset representatives to the Judicial Selection Committee for June 14. Keller Lynn drills down into why this is so controversial.

Yesterday, the Israel Defense Forces launched a large-scale two-week drill across the country, simulating a potential multi-front war, which the IDF has dubbed “Firm Hand.” What makes this drill unique?

Last week Keller Lynn spoke with one of the main anti-judicial overhaul organizers, Weizmann Prof. Shimka Bressler. What were some of her thoughts on the massive sums being collected through grassroots fundraising — and why is the protest not proposing its own platform?

And finally, Fabian tells us about a unique ceremony yesterday near the coastal southern city of Ashdod that marked the Israeli Air Force’s first operation. We hear how immigrants were involved in its success.

Discussed articles include:

‘Deadly Thursday’: Far-right activists threaten violence at Jerusalem Pride Parade

PM tells Likud overhaul is ‘not dead’; Gantz says any deal must cancel current bills

IDF launches major drill focused on preparing for all-out multi-front war

Protest leader says ‘grassroots’ initiative raised NIS 50m to fight judicial overhaul

Successful but scrappy: Air Force marks 75 years since its 1st-ever strike mission

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