Egyptian TV play claims Mossad was behind Arab Spring

‘The Spy’ portrays Israelis as scheming Jewish caricatures who plot to sow unrest and take control of the world

A play recently broadcast on Egypt’s al-Hayat TV channel suggested the Mossad instigated the so-called Arab Spring in an attempt to “sow disunity” in the Arab world, and depicted Israelis as grotesque, conniving Jewish stereotypes.

The play, parts of which were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, is titled “The Spy.” It is set in Mossad’s headquarters in Israel, and features the supposed leaders of the Israeli spy agency — portrayed as bearded, sidecurl-sporting caricatures of Orthodox Jews — as they plot against the Arab world.

“All we want is to control the whole world,” one character named Binyamin — all the male characters are named Binyamin — says, then makes a grabbing, clawing gesture with his hands. This gesture is then copied by the other “Mossad leaders” as they chant “Long live Israel” and dance comically to “Hava Nagilla.”

The group then discusses a “huge operation of espionage and sowing disunity” which will take place in Egypt as part of their effort to launch revolutions across the Arab world. They brag of their intimate knowledge of all the goings-on in Egypt with the help of Facebook and Twitter, cackling maniacally throughout.

On Tuesday, Egypt said that it was bringing charges against four men who had spied on behalf of Israel. Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat alleged that two of the men are Mossad agents who are still being sought, and the other two are Egyptians, now in custody, who were working for the Jewish state.

The state prosecutor listed the men as Ramzy Mohamed, Sahar Ibrahim, Samuel Ben Zeev and David Wisemen, and identified the latter two as “officers in the Israeli Mossad,” according to an official statement translated by Reuters.

The four were “sent to a Cairo criminal court for spying for the interests of the state of Israel,” the statement said.

The Egyptians are in custody and authorities have issued arrest warrants for the Israelis, although prosecutors do not know their whereabouts.

Times of Israel staff and AP contributed to this report.

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