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English-language authors to go head-to-head at Jerusalem TOI events

At inaugural meet-up, thriller writers Adam LeBor and Mishka Ben-David to discuss each others’ books on March 28 at the Tower of David

Budapest-based thriller author Adam Lebor. (Courtesy)
Budapest-based thriller author Adam Lebor. (Courtesy)

Best-selling authors are coming to the Tower of David at the Jaffa Gate for a new series of literary events in English presented in cooperation with The Times of Israel.

Once a month, the Tower of David’s medieval Crusader Hall will be the magical setting for a conversation between two authors writing in or about Israel.

On Tuesday, March 28, the first encounter will be between Adam LeBor, the Budapest-based author of “City of Oranges” and the Yael Azoulay thriller trilogy, and Mishka Ben-David, the Jerusalem-educated former Mossad officer and author of five best-selling spy novels.

LeBor is returning to Israel to update “City of Oranges,” a history of Jaffa told through the eyes of the families who lived there. LeBor, a journalist and author of non-fiction exposés including “Hitler’s Secret Bankers,” and “Tower of Basel” about the world’s most secretive financial institution, has in recent years turned his hand to fiction. This year saw the publication of “The Reykjavik Assignment,” the final installment of his trilogy featuring the fictional ex-Mossad agent Yael Azoulay.

Ben-David’s successful first novel “I’ve Never Seen Happy Soldiers” emerged from his experiences in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. His service in the Mossad remains largely under wraps, but it included the moment in 1997 when he handed over a poison antidote in Amman to a Jordanian intelligence officer that saved the life of Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal. His last three Hebrew spy thrillers, “Duet in Beirut,” “Forbidden Love in St. Petersburg,” and “Last Stop Algiers” have all been translated into English. He has also written a book outlining his personal philosophy, which is a recurrent theme in his novels.

Mishka Ben-David. (Daniel Chechik)
Mishka Ben-David. (Daniel Chechik)

“I wouldn’t have written spy novels if I hadn’t spent 12 years in the Mossad,” says Ben-David. “But the thriller part is not the main focal point. These are dramas that happen between people that happen to be spies.”

Two authors will meet and discuss each others’ work every month in the Crusader Hall, one of the architectural gems at the Tower of David. The citadel at the Jaffa Gate, which has become the iconic symbol of Jerusalem, served as fortress for the city’s rulers from the Hasmoneans, through Herod, to the Crusader Kings. Today it serves as a museum dedicated to the history of the city.

From the depth of its moat, which hosts poetry slams and comedy nights, to the tower with its breathtaking panorama over the Old City, the ancient Tower of David has become a magnificent setting for exhibitions, concerts, festivals and gatherings encompassing contemporary culture in Jerusalem.

Books will be available for purchase and signing by the authors, courtesy of Katamon Books. Pre-order your copy by emailing Rachel at Katamonbooks@gmail.com or phone: 077-506 1311.

Personal Pages: Writers Adam LeBor and Mishka Ben-David in conversation at the Tower of David, 7pm, Tuesday, March 28, Crusader Hall. NIS 50. Click here for tickets. Info by phone: *2884

Tuesday, April 25:
Matti Friedman and Haim Watzman
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