Fatah nominates murderer of Israelis to Hebron council

Tayseer Abu Sneineh, convicted for 1980 attack that killed 6, is hailed by party as a ‘hero’ and a man of ‘delicate emotions’

Tayseer Abu Sneineh (Facebook photo)
Tayseer Abu Sneineh (Facebook photo)

Fatah has nominated the convicted murderer of six Israelis in a 1980 terror attack to Hebron’s municipal council, praising him as a “hero” who carried out a “courageous operation,” Palestinian Media Watch reported Thursday.

Tayseer Abu Sneineh was one of four Palestinian terrorists who on May 2, 1980 attacked a group of Israelis in a Hebron alley, firing and hurling grenades at them. Six were killed and 20 were injured in the assault.

The four terrorists were all sentenced to life in prison but were released in prisoner exchanges later in the decade.

Now Abu Sneineh was been named as number 2 on the party’s list in Hebron in municipal elections that were due to be held in October. The election, however was thrown in doubt on Thursday when a Palestinian court in Ramallah suspended it following disputes between the rival Fatah and Hamas movements over candidate lists, as well the lack of participation of Jerusalem in the vote.

The court said it would postpone the vote until at least December 21 and would meet again September 21 to discuss the matter.

Abu Sneineh’s attack killed Tzvi Glatt, Eli HaZe’ev, Shmuel Marmelstein, Hanan Krauthammer, Gershon Klein and Ya’akov Zimmerman. Another 20 were injured.

Fatah’s Facebook declared, “Four young people met on one of the cold days of March 1980 in a cave in the Hebron hills…on that very day the four were unknown.”

“After a few months, the four carried out one of the most courageous self-sacrifice operations in the occupied areas, if not the most courageous, and it is the attack against the Jewish settlers in Hebron,” it added, according to PMW’s translation.

The post went on to claim that “The four heroes were not murderers, who feel a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from the sight of blood, but rather [men] of delicate emotions, who the extremist Zionist occupiers denied the rights of their Palestinian people, and they did not find any other means besides weapons in order to restore them.”

Fatah has often glorified the actions of Palestinian terrorists as heroes and liberators. Israel has repeatedly accused Fatah and the Palestinian Authority it controls of incitement and encouragement of terrorist acts.

News agencies contributed to this report.

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