French song mocks Hollande as ‘paid in shekels’
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French song mocks Hollande as ‘paid in shekels’

Parody song’s lyrics accuse rich French Jews of leading efforts to expel migrants, say French government is beholden to Israel

A French-language parody song posted to an online video sharing site accuses French Jews and politicians of waging “war” on the poor and being “paid in shekels.”

The music video, posted on February 28 on YouTube, is performed in a mocking chanson style, with an arrangement of piano, guitar, tambourine and accordion by four performers wearing black leather clothes.

“I won’t do the boycott anymore, Israel is my mascot. I will buy all the products, especially from the settlements,” the lyrics read.

The singer continues, saying she will listen to French-Jewish singer Patrick Bruel and advertise French-Jewish philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy, whose acronym, BHL, rhymes in French with the name Bruel.

“I will not speak of bombings anymore, or of the torture of children,” she sings, alluding to Israel’s wars against Hamas in Gaza.

“I will call all anti-Zionists anti-Semites,” she continues, moving on to lines that insist that French President Francois Hollande is “paid in shekels,” as is “Goldnadel,” French-Israeli lawyer, columnist and publicist Gilles-William Goldnadel.

The song goes on to name French Jewish umbrella body CRIF and accuse Jews of being rich and waging “war on the riffraff.”

“I will not go to protests anymore, but only to CRIF dinners, I will wage war on the riffraff and will live in Versailles.”

The song is by a band called Karmel Japha – a parody of two famous Israeli products, Carmel wines and Jaffa oranges. It has garnered some 55,000 views on Facebook.

Some online viewers hailed the band for “making this pill [of Israel’s alleged grip on France] easy to swallow with humor.”

Others mocked the band’s message: “Amuse yourselves with the refugees and your friends from Isis [Islamic State] when they return to France.”

Another commenter wrote: “Great idea, I’m going to do the same [parody] on you my dear leftists, and of what you have made of France, without forgetting the terrorists you have created when you bought social justice.”

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