GOP candidate shared anti-Semitic ‘Great Replacement’ video — watchdog

Media Matters says Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has been backed by Trump, expressed support for clip claiming ‘Zionist supremacists’ conspiring to wipe out white people

Screen capture from video of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican candidate for Congress. (YouTube)
Screen capture from video of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican candidate for Congress. (YouTube)

JTA — Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congressional nominee in Georgia, shared a video in 2018 repeating the anti-Semitic claim that “Zionist supremacists” are conspiring to flood Europe with migrants in order to replace the white populations there.

Greene, who has received support from US President Donald Trump, has advanced the conspiracy theory QAnon, which includes anti-Semitic tropes. According to Jewish Insider, she wrote in one post that the Rothschild family and the Jewish financier George Soros are involved in a plot against Trump.

The 2018 video, which was uncovered by the liberal media watchdog Media Matters for America and which Greene shared on Facebook, repeats an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory called the “Great Replacement,” which alleges that Jews are orchestrating the mass migration of nonwhite immigrants into predominantly white countries in order to wipe out the populations there. It says those supporting the refugees are using “immigrant pawns” to commit “the biggest genocide in human history.”

The gunman who killed 11 people in the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting espoused the Great Replacement theory, as did marchers in the 2017 far-right rally in Charlottesville.

“[A]n unholy alliance of leftists, capitalists and Zionist supremacists has schemed to promote immigration and miscegenation, with the deliberate aim of breeding us out of existence in our own homelands,” a voiceover on the video says.

The video also repeats claims, without citing evidence, that Muslims refugees are “flooding” Europe, endangering locals and seeking to replace the continent’s legal systems with traditional Islamic law, or sharia.

Green wrote on Facebook that “This is what the UN wants all over the world.”

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