WATCH: IDF footage reveals efforts to spare civilians in Gaza

Declassified video and photo show terror compounds located within civilian concentrations, including Hamas training ground adjacent to school

Yifa Yaakov is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Aerial footage released by the IDF overnight Friday showcased the difficulties the Israeli military encounters in trying to spare civilian populations as it strikes terror-related targets in the Gaza Strip, as well as the efforts it makes to avoid harming non-combatants.

On Friday evening, the IDF released black-and-white aerial footage of a site in the Gaza Strip which was marked as a target for Israel Air Force planes to attack.

However, as the Israeli pilot zeroed in on the target, he stopped short of dropping munitions on it, as he had been instructed to do.

“There are people, there are people close to our target,” he could be heard saying in Hebrew.

“It looks like there are people, possibly children, in our targeted area.”

After a moment, he receives a reply from the personnel on the ground.

“We are not going to strike this target now,” says the female soldier on the other side of the line. “Let’s move on.”

A few hours later, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted a declassified photo — also an aerial image — showing another target off the Israeli military’s list of terror-related sites in the Strip.

This time, it was a Hamas military compound also used as training grounds.

In the image, the rectangular compound, marked in red, was shown to be surrounded by civilian homes — and strategically located right beside a school of roughly the same size, which was marked in blue.

According to the IDF, the military compound is also used to train Hamas fighters, even as the children in the adjacent building pore over their schoolbooks and sit exams.

The compound also has “several entries to terror tunnels on-site,” the IDF said.

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