Israeli network cable experts to go cable-less

Israeli network cable experts to go cable-less

RIT Technologies, one of the world’s leading network cabling topology firms, has a new system to eliminate network cables

Data center (Photo credit: Courtesy)
Data center (Photo credit: Courtesy)

A significant amount of technology goes into network communications, but without the wires and cables to transmit data and programming over the network, the technology would never function. A system that can ensure efficient cabling, proper storage of network equipment, and monitoring of what is going on in a server cabinet is essential for large or small organizations and to the smooth operations of any company today. And, it turns out, RiT Technologies, one of the biggest companies in cabling topology and monitoring solutions in the world is located in Israel.

Established in 1989, RiT has developed numerous systems that keep cables in place, ensuring nobody trips over them or that they don’t “accidentally” get disconnected. RiT’s product line includes solutions for local and wide area network cable systems, fiber optic networks, and even copper-wire telephone networks. In addition, the company produces several monitoring systems to ensure that administrators are instantly alerted when a connection goes awry, when a router’s temperature is too high, and in the event of general network problems.

Even better than an efficient cabling system, however, is a system that connects servers, routers, computers, and other devices without cables at all — and RiT this week announced that it had begun final development of the first product in its new Indoor Wireless Optical Network (IWON) product family, which, the company says, will enable companies to utilize high-speed, high-bandwidth networks using symmetrical, bi-directional optical links, eliminating the need for cumbersome cabling networks and switching panels.

RiT has been developing the IWON line for the past few months, having acquired the technology behind it following the purchase of Quartz Ltd. last summer.

The IWON system can be used in both new and existing network installations, and can be used in large conference and open spaces. The fact that there are no cables does not compromise network security protocols in any way, and the security will be handled by the company’s monitoring system, the company has said.

Commenting on the new development, Dr. Vadim Leiderman, RiT’s CEO, said, “With IWON, RiT is bringing a true revolution to the cabling industry: an out-of-the-box wireless approach that will be suitable for every network, large or small, existing or new. Through the use of unique patent-pending technology, IWON will offer an unmatched combination of security, performance, flexibility, and fast deployment — all at a minimum cost that guarantees real added-value to the user.”

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