How to catch the blue and white going for London gold

Our daily timetable for the 2012 Olympic Games

Aaron Kalman is a former writer and breaking news editor for the Times of Israel

Israel's entire Olympic delegation (photo credit: Aaron Kalman/Times of Israel)
Israel's entire Olympic delegation (photo credit: Aaron Kalman/Times of Israel)

Israel has 37 athletes participating in the 2012 Olympic games in London.

Event times are listed as they appear in London — please make the right adjustments (Israelis add 2 hours; US East Coast residents subtract 5).

Israel’s Olympic schedule

Saturday, July 28

Who’s a must-watch? Alex Shatilov, who won medals at recent world and European championships, and was a finalist in the ’08 games.

  • Badminton: Misha Zilberman will play in the qualifying rounds, at 8:50pm.
  • Artistic Gymnastics: Alex Shatilov and Felix Aharonovitz will take part in the qualifying round for the men’s individual all around, 3:30-6pm.
  • Judo: Artiom Arshanski will compete in the men’s under 60kg at 10:05am. Semi finals at 2:42pm, and the finals in the category at 4:10pm.
  • Tennis: Jonathan Erlich and Andy Ram will compete in the men’s doubles, at 5:30pm.
  • Swimming: Gal Nevo will swim in the 400m medley. The qualifying heat will run from 10-10:25am, and the finals will take place at 7:30pm. Amit Ivri will take part in the 100m butterfly stroke. The qualifying heat will start at 10:30am, and the semifinals will take place at 7:40pm. Imri Ganiel will swim in the 100m breaststroke. The qualifying heat will start at 12:15pm, and the semifinals will begin at 8:28pm.

Sunday, July 29

Who’s a must-watch? Shahar Peer will start her quest in the afternoon, as she faces Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon’s central court.

  • Badminton: Misha Zilberman will play in the qualifying rounds, at 1:44pm.
  • Judo: Golan Polak will compete in the under-66kg category. First round will be at 9:30am, semifinals at 2-4pm and finals at 4:10-4:20pm.
  • Artistic Gymnastics: Valeria Maksyuta will compete in the women’s individual all around. Qualifying rounds take place at 11:15am-12:30pm.
  • Tennis: Shahar Peer will compete in the women’s singles at 4pm.
  • Swimming: Nimrod Shapira Bar Or will swim the 200m freestyle; qualifying heat at 10:24-11:08am, semifinals at 7:36-7:45pm. Yakov Toumarkin will compete in the 100m backstroke; qualifying heat at 11:38am-12:05pm, semifinals at 8:24-8:32pm.

Monday, July 30

Who’s a must-watch? Sergy Rikhter shares the junior world record, and has been on the podium in every major competition over the past two years. The air rifle shooter could hit the bull’s-eye.

  • Judo: Soso Palelashvili will compete in the under-73kg, entering the second round at 10:19am. Semifinals are at 2-4pm and finals at 4:10-4:20pm.
  • Shooting: Sergy Rikhter will compete in the 10m air rifle, trying to qualify at 9-10:45am. The finals will take place at 12:15-12:35pm.
  • Swimming: Gal Nevo will swim the 200m butterfly; qualifying heats 10:38-11:01am, semifinals 8:31-8:41pm. Amit Ivri will swim the 200m medley; qualifying heats 11:06-11:38am, semifinals 8:53-9:03pm.
  • Sailing: Nofar Edelman will compete in the women’s Laser Radial. The first and second sails will take place at 12-6pm.

Tuesday, July 31

Who’s a must-watch? Alice Schlesinger, one of Israel’s leading female athletes, internationally accomplished, is going for the judo gold.

  • Judo: Alice Schlesinger will compete in the under-63kg criteria; the Israeli will join the second round of elimination at 11:00am, semifinals at 2-4pm, finals at 4:10-4:20pm.
  • Tennis: Andy Ram and Jonathan Erlich will play their second match at 5:30pm.
  • Sailing: Shahar Tzuberi and Lee Korzits will sail the RS:X, with races 1 and 2 taking place at 12-6pm. Nofar Edelman will sail races 3 and 4 between 12-6pm.

Wednesday, August 1

Who’s a must-watch? Gymnast Alex Shatilov will be in the finals of the mens all around, and three of Israel’s sailors will compete in the afternoon, including medal hopefuls Shahar Tzuberi and Lee Korzits.

  • Swimming: Yakov Toumarkin will swim the 200m backstroke; qualifying heats at 10:39-11:04am, semifinals 7:48-7:57pm. Gal Nevo will swim the 200m medley; qualifying heats at 11:47am-12:29pm, semifinals 8:37-8:47pm.
  • Sailing: Shahar Tzuberi and Lee Korzits will take their RS:X windsurfers out for races 3 and 4, while Nofar Edelman enters races 5 and 6. All three will sail between 12-6pm.
  • In the finals: Alex Shatilov, (gymnastics, men’s all around), 4:30pm.

Thursday, August 2

Who’s a must-watch? Arik Zeevi is the oldest and most experienced Israeli in London. The four-time European champion already has one Olympic medal, and has his eyes set on the podium.

  • Judo: Arik Zeevi will compete in the under 100kg category; qualifying rounds start at 9:44am, semifinals 2-4pm, finals at 4:10-4:20pm.
  • Tennis: Andy Ram and Jonathan Erlich hope to play between 11:30am-8pm, as rain delays have changed the tournament’s schedule.
  • Swimming: Nimrod Shapira Bar Or will swim in the 100m butterfly qualifying heats, 11:10-11:44am.
  • Sailing: Shahar Tzuberi and Lee Korzits will take part in races 5 and 6, while Gideon Kliger and Eran Sela start their journey in races 1 and 2 with the 470 model. All will race between 12-6pm.
  • Finals: Yakov Toumarkin (swimming, 200m backstroke), 7:46pm.

Friday, August 3

Who’s a must-watch? Catch Israel’s sharpshooter, Sergy Rikhter..

  • Shooting: Sergy Rikhter will compete in the 50m air rifle 3 positions, trying to qualify at 9-10:45am, and the finals will take place at 12-12:20pm.
  • Sailing: Gil Cohen and Vered Buskila will take their 470 out for races 1 and 2, Gideon Kliger and Eran Sela will partake in races 3 and 4, while Nofar Edelman participates in races 7 and 8. All events will take place between 12-6pm.

Saturday, August 4

Who’s a must-watch? The sailors and windsurfers. Between 12 and 6pm, seven Israelis will battle the waves.

  • Athletics: Jillian Schwartz will try to pass the qualifying round in the pole vault, between 10:20am-1pm. Donald Sanford will run in the 400m dash qualifying sprint, at 10:35am.
  • Sailing: Shahar Tzuberi and Lee Korzits will sail races 7 and 8, Gil Cohen and Vered Buskila will enter races 3 and 4, Gideon Kliger and Eran Sela will compete in races 5 and 6, while Nofar Edelman wraps up her races with numbers 9 and 10. All will be on the water between 12-6pm.

Sunday, August 5

Who’s a must-watch? Assuming Alex Shatilov makes it to the finals, this could be the day the first Israeli stands on the Olympic podium in a gymnastics category.

  • Synchronized Swimming: Anastasia Gloushko and Inna Yoffe will enter the pool for their qualifying round, 3-4:40pm.
  • Sailing: Shahar Tzuberi and Lee Korzits will sail their final qualifying races (9 and 10), while Gil Cohen and Vered Buskila participate in races 5 and 6. All four will compete between 12-5:50pm.
  • Finals: Alex Shatilov (gymnastics, men’s floor exercise), 2pm.

Monday, August 6

Who’s a must-watch? A calm day for the blue-and-white team.

  • Synchronized Swimming: Anastasia Gloushko and Inna Yoffe perform their second qualifying routine, 3-5:10pm.
  • Sailing: Gideon Kliger and Eran Sela will sail races 7 and 8 between 1-2pm.

Tuesday, August 7

Who’s a must-watch? Sailing finals, with Lee Korzits and Shahar Tzuberi both aiming for the gold.

  • Sailing: Gil Cohen and Vered Buskila will enter races 7 and 8, while Gideon Kliger and Eran Sela will take part in their final placement races (9 and 10). All four will sail between 12-5:50pm.
  • Finals: Lee Korzits (sailing, RS:X), 2pm.

Wednesday, August 8

Who’s a must-watch? It’s a slow day for Israeli athletes, so watch your favorite sport.

  • Sailing: Gil Cohen and Vered Buskila end their qualifying stages with races 9 and 10, between 12-5:50pm.

Thursday, August 9

Who’s a must-watch? Everything.

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: Team qualifiers round 1, 2:50-3:45. Neta Rivkin will compete in the individual all around. First round at 12-1:18pm, second round 1:18-2:36pm.

Friday, August 10

Who’s a must-watch? Neta Rivkin, one of Israel’s top gymnasts, hopes to make it through to as many finals as possible.

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: Team qualifiers round 2, 2:50-3:45. Neta Rivkin will compete in the individual all around. Round 3 at 12-1:18pm, round 4 at 1:18-2:36pm.

Saturday, August 11

Who’s a must-watch? If Rivkin competes, watch her! If not, then you can choose whatever sport you like.

  • Finals: Neta Rivkin (rhythmic gymnastics) 1:30-3:43pm.

Sunday, August 12

Who’s a must-watch? Although there are slim chances for an Israeli to stand on the podium in the Marathon event, the two-and-a-half hour race will take you through the streets of London and allow you to see the sites as the runners do their best.

  • Marathon: Zohar Zemiro will run through the streets of London, 11am-1:40pm.
  • Finals: Israel’s rhythmic gymnastics team, 1:30-2:43pm.

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