Jewish 16-year-old branded in Norway attack

Incident at Oslo school barbecue comes after reported long-term anti-Semitic bullying

A 16-year-old Jewish student was branded with a red-hot coin at a school barbecue on Monday in Oslo, Norway, the Simon Wiesenthal Center reported on Wednesday.

According to Jewish-Danish website, the perpetrator of the attack, an ethnic Norwegian student, pressed the hot coin into the back of the victim’s neck, resulting in visible burning. School officials did not contact the family after the incident.

The student has reportedly been the target of repeated anti-Semitic bullying and violence because his father is Israeli. He said he planned to hide his Jewish identity when he transfers to a new school and would not associate with ethnic Norwegians or Muslims, the main sources of the bullying.

The student’s mother had complained in 2010 in a radio interview about the anti-Semitic atmosphere in the school and said that the school’s administration had not intervened.

“I see this avoidance as a dangerous development among both ethnic Norwegian and immigrant groups. And nobody, neither teachers or principals, intervenes in this matter. There is a refusal to address this issue — it is too sensitive,” she said at the time.

In a letter to the Norway Department of Justice, the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote that “these young school hatemongers point to a new generation of Breivik-style racists for Norway’s future. You have a responsibility to protect every threatened child and, especially, this victim targeted simply for being Jewish. The silence of the school, the police and your government is too reminiscent of another Norway, under the WWII Nazi collaborator, Quisling.”

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