Assistant Blogs Editor

The Times of Israel seeks an Assistant Editor for Opinion and Blogs for immediate placement to work part time and remotely as part of a small team that curates the world’s largest and most diverse forum of first-person writing about Israel, the Mideast and Jewish life.

The role requires strong knowledge of the Jewish world and Israeli current events, the ability to work independently and remotely in a digital environment, good writing, copyediting and communication skills, a discerning eye for strong content, and an appreciation for the value of diversity in perspectives. Previous journalism experience is a big plus.

Duties include a mix of administration and creativity: keeping the blogs platform running, fielding a large number of emails — and also spotting strong content for us to feature and polishing posts for maximum engagement.

Responsibilities include:

  • Vetting blog post submissions: We get dozens of posts per day submitted directly to the CMS (the backend platform of the blogs). They need to be reviewed — accepted, rejected, or occasionally tweaked — to ensure they meet requirements.
  • Fielding single submissions: We receive numerous submissions (traditional op-ed articles) that need to be vetted — from declining a piece to inviting the writer to open a blog and post it themselves, to recognizing a valuable piece and taking it through to publication.
  • Featuring high-value posts: We seek out and select several strong pieces to be featured each day and edit them (text, copyedit, fact-check, add feature image, polish the headline, add a subheading).
  • Providing tech assistance and fielding various queries from bloggers — e.g., for folks who need to edit a published post, got locked out, or just need help on how to insert a photo or format text.
  • Managing blog applications: Approval and setting up.

The job is approximately 18-20 hours per week. There is some flexibility on shifts and days.

For someone working in the Eastern Time zone, the shifts would include a couple of hours mid-morning (~9am – ~12) and a couple of hours late afternoon-evening (~4pm – ~8pm).

Doing the job in Israel would entail working unconventional hours.

To apply, send your c.v. to with a cover email explaining why you believe you may be a good fit for this role.

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