Live Update

Abbas is up to speak next, and is reported to have been telling various interlocutors that his speech will show sensitivity to Jewish rights in Israel.

He met Monday evening with about 10 Jewish leaders, and reportedly endorsed law professor Alan Dershowitz’s formula for returning to talks with Israel, participants said.

They described Abbas as emphasizing an urgent need to return to talks with Israel due to the protests and fighting roiling the Arab world, and due to increased tensions with Iran.

He asked his Jewish interlocutors why Israel was demanding that he recognize Israel as a Jewish state when he had repeatedly recognized its legitimacy. He was told that insensitivity to Jewish claims helped fuel the demand, and was reminded that last year in his speech to the UN General Assembly, he noted only Muslim and Christian claims to the holy land.

Abbas told the group to watch for his speech to the General Assembly, saying that he would also note Jewish claims.

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