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More than 64 years have passed since Al-Nakba and a large portion of those who were its direct victims and witnessed its horrors have died with their memories preserved in their minds and hearts about their beautiful world that was devastated, their warm homes that were
demolished, and their peaceful villages that were erased from existence, and about their renaissance that was undermined, and their loved ones, dear men, women and children, whowere killed in wars, massacres, attacks, raids and incursions, and about their beautiful country
that was a beacon of coexistence, tolerance, progress and a crossroads of civilization.

“They died in the camps of displacement and refuge to which they were expelled following their uprooting from their homeland as they awaited the moment in which thcy would resume their suspended lives and complete their journey that was interrupted and repair their shattered dreams. They died while they clung to their legitimate human right to justice and freedom… Isn’t it time to redress for the historic unprecedented injustice inflicted upon them?

“At present, 77% of the Palestinian people are under the age of 35 years. Although they did not experience the horrors of Al-Nakba, they know very well the details of its horrendous facts from the accounts told to them by their parents and grandparents who endured it. And, they are suffering its ongoing effects until today and every day as a result of the practices of the occupation and the settlers on a land that is diminishing and a horizon before them that is blocked against their simple, ordinary dreams.

“They see their homeland and, their present and future vulnerable to continued usurpation and they say firmly: we shall not allow a new Nakba to happen.”

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