Live Update

Nearing the end of his speech now, Abbas goes on: “I say to you that the brave Palestinian people will not allow themselves to be the victim of a new Nakba. My people will continue their epic steadfastness and eternal survival in their beloved land, every inch of which carries the evidence and landmarks affirming their roots and unique connection throughout ancient history. There is no homeland for us except Palestine, and there is no land for us but Palestine…

“Our people will continue to build the institutions of their State and will continue to strive to achieve national reconciliation to restore the unity of our nation, people and institutions via resorting to the ballot boxes, which will confirm our people’s pluralistic democratic choice. Our people are also determined to continue peaceful popular resistance — peaceful popular resistance, I repeat — consistent with international humanitarian law, against the occupation and the settlements and for the sake of freedom, independence and peace.

“Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, prevent the occurrence of a new Nakba in the Holy Land. Support the realization of a free, independent State of Palestine now. Let peace be victorious before it is too late….

“Peace be upon you.”

Very warm applause as Abbas finishes his address, with some attendees on their feet.

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