Live Update

Schieffer chose the segments for the debate himself. The 90 minutes are supposed to break down into six 15-minute segments, though we’ll see if our host can hold the candidates to the times.

Those segments are supposed to focus as follows:

• America’s role in the world.

• Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan.

• Red lines – Israel and Iran.

• The changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism, Part 1.

• The changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism, Part 2.

• The rise of China and tomorrow’s world.

Analysts have been saying that, given a full term of foreign policy experience, Obama holds an advantage in tonight’s debate. We shall see. Doubtless Romney’s counter will be along the lines of, “You’ve had four years; look what you’ve done with it.” Of course, an analyst on Britain’s Sky News just noted, if Romney looks “half-way presidential,” that might constitute something of a victory.

Efraim Halevy (photo credit: Flash90)
Efraim Halevy (photo credit: Flash90)

Meanwhile, here’s a piece from earlier in the day in which Efraim Halevy, the former Mossad chief who has been relentlessly critical of Romney’s stance on Iran, and supportive of Obama’s, weighs in again.

Meanwhile, the audience in Boca Raton is in the hall at Lynn University, enjoying the countdown.

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