Live Update

Obama hits back, speaks of “unprecedented military and intelligence cooperation with Israel, where we’ve been dealing with the Iranian threat.” Clearly, an early focus of this debate is each candidate’s effort to outdo the other on support for Israel.

And Romney steers back to the economy again, and opportunities for the US in Latin America. And highlights the need for improved training programs for workers, education reform, a balanced budget.

Mitt Romney in Monday's debate (photo credit: PBS SCreenshot)
Mitt Romney in Monday’s debate (photo credit: PBS SCreenshot)

Obama is hitting back on Romney’s record on small businesses. We’ve gone of the foreign policy ranch here.

Romney defends his record, as Schieffer makes a rather plaintive plea to “get back to foreign policy.”

Notes Josh Block from The Israel Project: “Good to hear both candidates talking about the choices we face in Egypt. As our recent poll found found, the choice facing the people in Egypt and the West there is not between the extreme islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood vs the extreme islamists of the Salafist Nour party. In fact, the most popular institution in the country is the military, far more so that the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Salafists barely register double digits. In fact, 50% of the population voted for an the non-Islamist candidate who said he would visit Israel and uphold the peace treaty. Here is a recent write up of the poll:

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