Live Update

Key section; Red lines on Iran.

Schieffer: Would an attack on Israel constitute an attack on the US.

Obama: I will stand with Israel if they are attacked. Strongest military cooperation in history. Biggest military drill with Israel this week. “As long as I am president of the United States, Iran will not get a nuclear weapon.”

Still Obama: A nuclear Iran is a threat to our national security and to Israel’s security. Iran “has said that it wants to see Israel wiped off the map.”

“We’re not going to take any options off the table.”

Disagreement with Romney over “premature” military action. Send men and women to war only “as a last resort.”

Romney: “If Israel is attacked, we have their back” — “militarily” if necessary.

He says he’ll stop a nuclear capable Iran — an earlier stage than a nuclear-armed Iran.

“I would tighten those sanctions” — on Iranian oil shipments, on oil trading with Iran. He would “indict” Ahmadinejad for inciting genocide against Israel under UN conventions.

“Military action is the last resort — it is something one would only, only consider if all the other avenues had been tried to the full extent.”

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