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Notes Rettig Gur: Romney says “weapons CAPABILITY” — but Israel wants to know more details. Does it mean bombing during the enrichment phase? Romney: “Of course a military action is a last resort.” Romney isn’t Bush. Did he mention that?

Obama: We had to get ALL countries on board with sanctions. We got EVERYBODY to agree; that’s why there’s so much pressure on Iran. “There is a deal to be had” — if Iran halts its program. But in the meantime, “the clock is ticking… We’re not going to allow Iran to perpetuate… negotiations that go nowhere.”

Obama: We’d have a “sense” if Iran makes the breakout to the bomb.

Romney: Iran has looked at this administration and seen weakness. Blames Obama’s “apology tour” early in his administration, and his “silence” during the 2009 Iran protests, and the “daylight” Obama said he’d create with Israel, all to blame. Obama failed to show strength. Iran ‘”must not develop nuclear capability.” If the pressure is tight, we won’t have to resort to military force.

Obama accuses Romney of telling “whoppers”. Sanctions are unprecedented — and “you were still invested” in a business that had dealings with Iran. Obama says he did show strength at time of Iran domestic protests.

Romney: We’re four years closer to a nuclear Iran. You toured the region “and you skipped Israel” — US’s closest ally.

Obama: I went to Israel as a candidate. I didn’t take fundraisers. I went to Yad Vashem the Holocaust memorial. I went to Sderot and saw families who showed me where missiles had fallen from Gaza. We funded Iron Dome. “That’s how I’ve used my travels.”

President plainly anticipated those attacks from Romney, because the counter was powerful.

Question: What if Israel’s PM says he’s sent bombers to Iran?

Romney: Let’s not go into hypotheticals. Israel wouldn’t act in that way.

Israeli analyst Chico Menashe tweets: Did Obama just invoke the Holocaust to explain his travel itineraries?

Romney says Democratic senators have asked him to repair the damage  he’s done to ties with Israel.

Obama: Here, as in so many other areas, your policies “have been all over the map.”

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