Live Update

The Iran segment is done. We’re onto Afghanistan now.

That was very feisty stuff. Obama is sounding experienced and well-prepared. Romney trying to dent the sense of presidential competence, with only limited success.

Obama keeps capitalizing on the fact that he’s been doing the job for the past four years, that Romney is sniping from the outside. The challenger has an uphill struggle here.

A tweet making the rounds, source unknown, “Sounds like Obama went on Birthright.”

No doubt that the president got his Israel credentials in early and repeatedly. An area where Romney may have been able to hurt him, negotiated effectively. You had a fundraiser. I went to Yad Vashem…

Pew Research tweeted on Afghanistan: Most [Americans] continue to favor quick troop pullout from Afghanistan

Obama hails the transition he’s overseen in Afghanistan.

Romney worries about Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. If Pakistan falls apart, you’ve got terrorists there who could grab their nuclear weapons. Praises Obama for getting bin Laden. Now must help Pakistan move to a more responsible course.

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