Live Update

Romney takes on Obama now for deadlocked Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. “We haven’t had negotiations for two years.”

Obama: Al-Qaida is much weaker than it was when I came into office.

Schieffer takes the discussion on to China. Romney talks up the need to be tough on China for taking jobs, stealing intellectual property, counterfeiting our goods.

Notes Rettig Gur: Debate keeps coming back to the economy. That’s what the China segment is about. Romney has more numbers when it comes to economic issues that came up in this whole debate. Seems as though Romney was prepared for the economic debate, and used every chance he could to come back to it. Obama prepared more for foreign policy. Both sides have done well so far, but in different issues. Romney may have made a smart move on China, as Pew suggests: #China seen by Americans as country posing greatest danger to US #lynnedebate

Obama says Romney invested in company that took US jobs overseas. Stresses the need to invest in US jobs, better education, progress on clean energy technology. US exports to China have doubled since he came into office he said.

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