Live Update

Closing statements now.

Obama says Romney’s foreign policies would be “wrong and reckless” and then moves back to the economy again — job creation, deficit reduction, investing in research and technology.

“I will maintain the strongest military in the world” but “after a decade of war” it’s time to do some rebuilding at home. “I will always listen to your voices…”

Romney sums up, saying he’s optimistic about the future, and that America needs “real leadership” to promote American interests at home and abroad. He promises to get the domestic economy on track, to get take-home pay up, get people back to work. “America’s going to come back.” Need to fix Washington, he says, working with good Democrats and good Republicans.

“I’ll work with you. I’ll lead you in an open and honest way” to “maintain America as the hope of the earth.”

Schieffer ends with his mother’s “go vote” message.

Handshakes, and smiling exchange. And back to the wives and family members.

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