Live Update

Local tv footage from India shows a burnt-out minivan with diplomatic plates, and the rear door blown apart.
Foreign ministry spokes Yigal Palmore said “we are looking into the incident in cooperation with local forces.” Local tv footage is showing a charred minivan outside the embassy.
Israeli media and AP report a bombing in the New Delhi, India. Apparently the target of the attack was an Israeli diplomat’s car. The embassy spokesman said that the car was near the embassy when the blast occured on Monday injuring one person. Indian police reported there was a car on fire in the street outside the embassy.
Israeli media is also reporting an earlier attack in Georgia that was foiled when the bomb was neutralized before it could explode.
Bomb attack in New Delhi India, according to AP target was Israeli diplomat’s car. One person hurt. Car on fire in street outside embassy.
Earlier attack in Georgia foiled when bomb neutralized before it exploded.

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