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Is the Onion channeling a bit of Israel fatigue on the Left?

In the third presidential debate focused on foreign policy, no country came up more often than Israel. Republicans spent the campaign attacking Obama over his at-times tense relations with the Netanyahu government. In response, Democrats spared no effort and no expense talking up Obama’s apparently intense love affair with the Jewish state.

Could all that limelight already be backfiring on Israel? Could Democrats be getting a bit of “Israel fatigue?” The Onion is satire, but it gets its satirical resonance by highlighting real-life dissonance and channeling real emotions.

In its “Issue-By-Issue Candidate Guide” published last week (,30184/?ref=auto), the Onion listed both candidates’ positions on many issues, including Israel.

Here’s how it described Obama’s position on Israel: “Recognizes there are 41 actual US states that demand less of his attention than this obnoxious, self-important little puke of an ally.”

And Romney’s: “Adamantly ‘pro-Heeb’ and lovingly refers to the nation as ‘his little Jew-Jew-Be.’

Obama, the Onion suggests, is tired of constantly having to come back to the issue, while Romney is so affectionate he’s insulting.

Food for thought.

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