Live Update

Republican heavyweight Karl Rove is arguing on Fox that the projections giving Obama a lead in Ohio are wrong because they over rely on early voters, who were disproportionately Democratic.

As Tuesday votes are entering the count, the numbers are shifting Romney’s way, he claims. “We’ve got a long way to go.” Of course, he’d still need to win Virginia, Florida and “one of anything else.”

“Is this just math… or is this real,” the anchor asks him. “This is real,” Rove insists.

“I’d rather be us than them right now,” says ex-Obama chief of staff, now Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel… not on the same network. Earlier tonight, he was on Channel 2, assuring Israel that Israel has “no better friend” than President Obama.

Channel 2’s headline now: “Obama is on his way to victory.”

“The pollsters will get lots of compliments,” says the channel’s US correspondent Aharon Barnea. “It looks good for Barack Obama.”

“There’s a very high likelihood that Barack Obama will win,” says the usually ultra-cautious ex-Israeli ambassador to the US, Sallai Meridor, adding, “he’s a president who supports Israel.” If as noted earlier only 68% of Jews voted for Obama, he notes, that’s quite a fall.

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