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Meir Javedanfar, an Iran expert at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, says, “It’s far too early to conclude who was behind the bombing in Bulgaria today. We have to wait for the results of a full investigation before a credible conclusion can be made. For now all we can do is to assume which countries or groups could be responsible.

“Iran is one suspect due to a number of reasons, one being that today’s attack in Bulgaria has taken place exactly 18 years after the 18th of July 1994 AMIA bombings in Buenos Aires, which took the lives of more than 85 people, including many Israelis and Argentinean Jews .Investigations concluded that Iran was responsible for that attack.

“This is in addition to recent attempts to attack Israeli targets in
Thailand and Azerbaijan, and an almost successful attack in India.
Iran is also accused of being behind those attacks. However one can not rule out Al Qaeda. The organization has tried to target Israelis before, such as in Mombasa, Kenya in November 2002.

“For now all we have to go on are assumptions, and a list of credible suspects.”

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