Hezbollah threatens US, as Russia sees ‘high risk’ of 3rd party entering conflict

Hezbollah threatens to attack American positions in the Middle East should it intervene directly in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“Palestine is not Ukraine,” a spokesperson for the Lebanese terror group says in a statement, after the US moved warships closer to its ally Israel.

“If the US intervenes directly, all US positions in the region will become legitimate targets of the resistance axis and face our attacks. And on that day there will be no red line,” the spokesperson says.

Meanwhile, Russia says there is a “high risk” of a third party entering the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“The risk of third forces becoming involved in this conflict is high,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov is quoted as saying by the TASS news agency.

“It is very important to find ways as soon as possible to move towards some kind of negotiation process in order to reduce this escalation and move away from a military solution,” he says.

The Iran-backed Hezbollah fired on Israeli positions yesterday, and some Western countries have expressed fears Iran could get involved in the Hamas offensive against Israel.

Tehran has rejected the accusations.

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