IDF says drone from Lebanon struck open area near Nazareth after interception failed

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The Israeli military confirms that a drone launched from Lebanon earlier today struck an open area in the Jezreel Valley, near Nazareth.

According to the IDF, there was a failed attempt to intercept the drone. Residents of the area reported seeing an Iron Dome missile launch.

Sirens had sounded in the area during the incident, amid fears of falling shrapnel.

The incident marks the deepest Hezbollah attack in Israel amid the war, with the projectile hitting an area some 40 kilometers from the border. The previous deepest attack occurred last month, when a Hezbollah drone struck a military facility some 35km from the Lebanon border.

A second drone struck an area near the border community of Shomera, the military adds.

No injuries were caused by either drone.

The update from the IDF comes nearly eight hours after the incident.

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