Loaves fly as woman plows car into bakery
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Loaves fly as woman plows car into bakery

Vehicle appears to have accidentally been put into drive instead of reverse; worker says it’s a ‘miracle’ no one was hurt

An Israeli woman accidentally plowed her car into a bakery in the central Israeli city of Ramle on Wednesday, causing serious property damage, but no injury.

At approximately 7 p.m., the woman apparently put her car into drive instead of reverse, propelling her through the bakery’s front window, Channel 2 news reported.

No one was standing near the window during the incident, which prevented any injuries.

“Miraculously, no one was hurt. I was standing at the register and noticed the people there. When I saw them, I immediately understood that it was an accident, not a terror attack,” Yosef Cohen, a bakery employee, told the television channel.

While no one was injured in the accident, a pregnant customer “almost miscarried from the commotion,” Cohen said.

“A short while before there had been children there and it’s really luck that no one was hurt,” he said.

After the accident, the bakery owners spoke with the city about having a barrier put in on the sidewalk to avoid such incidents in the future, Cohen added.

In June, a similar incident occurred in Tel Aviv, in which a driver accidentally drove into a restaurant. Three people were killed and five were injured. The driver, a 41-year-old man from Ra’anana in central Israel, likely suffered a heart attack, causing him to lose control of the vehicle and veer onto the sidewalk, crashing into tables at Furama, an Asian restaurant on Ben Yehuda street.

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