Man killed as bomb rips through motorbike in Or Yehuda

Initially unclear if fatality was victim of hit or was transporting explosive that detonated

First responders at the scene of a suspected motorcycle bombing in Or Yehuda on October 3, 2023. (Israel Police)
First responders at the scene of a suspected motorcycle bombing in Or Yehuda on October 3, 2023. (Israel Police)

An explosion killed a man, 30, on Tuesday evening, blowing apart the motorbike he was apparently riding at the time in the central town of Or Yehuda.

The blast occurred on Shimon Peres Street and was believed to be related to organized crime, the Israel Police said in a statement.

Two Magen David Adom medics were driving together in a private vehicle close to the scene when the bomb went off, the first responder organization said.

The medics reported a “very loud explosion” and saw the destroyed motorbike, the statement said. The medics reported that the man was lying in the road, unconscious, and with no vital signs. They declared him dead at the scene.

Investigators were trying to determine if the fatality was the target of a bomb attack, or if he was transporting an explosive device that was meant to be used elsewhere, Ynet reported.

The incident came amid a wave of deadly organized crime violence.

On Sunday, two men were killed and two injured in a car bombing and ensuing police chase near the southern town of Kiryat Malachi, hours after a deadly shooting in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon.

Police later shot and critically injured another person who allegedly opened fire at officers in the central city of Ramle, where the Jarushi crime family suspected of involvement in the bombing is based.

An ongoing dispute in the area between the Jarushi and Karaja crime families has claimed dozens of lives.

Earlier the same day, a man was shot dead in Ashkelon, apparently in connection with another gang war.

The man was identified by Hebrew media reports as a well-known criminal, with Channel 12 news reporting that he was arrested two weeks ago.

The report also said the man was a member of the Lavi crime family.

Police later announced two suspects were detained in connection to the shooting of the 22-year-old.

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