Man rampages through bank, streets, causing mayhem

Man rampages through bank, streets, causing mayhem

Seemingly disturbed individual attacks police, drivers before being arrested in Rishon Lezion

Stuart Winer is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Security camera footage of a disturbed man interfering with traffic in Rishon Lezion, September 8, 2015. (Facebook)
Security camera footage of a disturbed man interfering with traffic in Rishon Lezion, September 8, 2015. (Facebook)

Video footage showed how an enraged client rampaged through a bank in a central Israeli city on Tuesday smashing equipment and abusing workers in the branch as well as attacking people in the street outside.

The man had entered a branch of the Israel Discount Bank on Herzl Street in the city of Rishon Lezion Monday afternoon and began hurling abuse at workers as well as demanding large sums of money. As terrified bank employees scrambled to get out of his way, the man, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, entered the area behind the tellers’ desks and proceeded to toss equipment to the floor.

Some of the outburst was captured on mobile phones by people in the building at the time.

Eyewitnesses said he appeared to be disturbed and possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

As some tried, to no avail, to calm down the man, another phoned the police and made a desperate plea for officers to get to the scene.

Before police could arrive, the man abruptly left the bank and municipal security cameras picked him up as he wandered into a busy road junction outside.

ראשון לציון: גבר שנכנס לסניף בנק והחל להתפרע. לאחר שיצא החל לתקוף נהגים ללא סיבה ונשכב על רכב ללימוד נהיגה. גם מהשוטרים הוא לא נרתע ותקף גם אותםמצ״ב סרטון תיעוד ההתפרעותסרטון המעצר נמחק לבקשת המשפחה

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Approaching a car displaying student driver placards he tried to open the driver’s door but was unable to. Moving to the front of the car he hopped up onto the hood and lay back across the windshield with his hands behind his head.

Moments later, the man jumped up and walked back into the road where he approached another vehicle, opened the driver’s door, and demanded from the elderly female driver that she leave the vehicle. The woman apparently refused and the man slammed the door shut.

Heading for stores along the street he entered one, and although he had moved out of the view of the security camera, several panicked pedestrians could be seen scrambling to get out his way.

Police officers finally arrived on the scene and the man proceeded to attack them, knocking over two of them on a scooter and then hurtling himself head first into another two before trying to run away.

They eventually caught up with the man and apprehended him.

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