National Insurance Institute is most scorned body of 2016

State Comptroller’s report on government competence also highlights mail delivered weeks late or not at all

The National Insurance Institute of Israel on Jan 6, 2004. (Flash90)
The National Insurance Institute of Israel on Jan 6, 2004. (Flash90)

A new report released on Monday found that there were fewer complaints against government bodies in 2016 than in the previous year, but that the percentage of justified complaints increased. The National Insurance Institute and the Post Office received the most criticism from the public.

The State Comptroller’s report stated that of the almost 15,000 complaints received against governmental bodies, 1,102 were lodged against the National Insurance Institute and 681 against the Israel Postal Company. In third place was the Israel Police with 504 complaints to the ombudsman.

However, when it comes to legitimate complaints the postal service was by far the worst offender, with 72.5 percent of complaints being justified, compared to an average of 29.1% of justified complaints across the board — a higher number than in previous years.

Most of the complaints against the postal service were about items which were not received or which were delivered many weeks later than expected. Residents of several cities complained that they didn’t receive regular mail deliveries, and often got many letters at once, all with different dates.

In response the postal company pointed to a 35% increase in the number of packages being sent from abroad, noting that staff numbers did not increase accordingly.

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