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‘Palestine’s first online sex shop’

Venture launched by 30-year-old Palestinian-American entrepreneur receives nod from Ramallah elders

Screenshot from the new Palestinian online sex store 'Karaz' which means cherries in Arabic.
Screenshot from the new Palestinian online sex store 'Karaz' which means cherries in Arabic.

A 30-year-old Ramallah-based Palestinian-American entrepreneur has launched a pornography-free online sex shop aimed at encouraging marital intimacy. The venture hopes to attract customers across the Arab world, the Guradian reported Friday.

The man behind the plan, Ashraf Alkiswani, sought approval from religious leaders in Ramallah before embarking on the ambitious business project.

“It’s not about just sex. It’s about love and the joy of expressing that love,” he told the Guardian. “It’s about trying to build bridges across gaps that separate the husband from the wife by improving sexual harmony, which will in turn will lead to happier marriages, less divorce and less infidelity. In that sense, it is a social project.”

“Islam promotes sexual intimacy between husband and wife, yet in society it is taboo to talk of it. So people shy away from asking questions,” Alkiswani said.

“There’s a hadith [a pronouncement from the prophet Muhammad] that says: ‘Not one of you should fall upon his wife like an animal; but let there first be a messenger between you.’ And what is that messenger? Kisses and words. Here there is a clear promotion of sensuality, of taking time to make love to your wife,” he added.

The online store — named Karaz [cherries in Arabic] — sells items such as “candy nipple tassels, sexual enhancement products, lubricants and bedroom games,” and will offer “sex advice for married couples,” according to the report.

“Our aim is to provide a range of tasteful products to help rekindle the purity and passion between married couples,” reads a statement on the website.” Karaz is proud to help foster healthy relationships and open communication by offering a wide spectrum of marital aids that help husbands and wives achieve and maintain an intimate lifestyle. Pornography and raunchy schematics are not used to sell our products.”

Alkisnawi was reportedly quite nervous about approaching the religious authorities for approval.

“I told them the two stories that compelled me to begin this business. Two stories of embarrassing moments that were so embarrassing they were sad,” he said. “I told them of the couple on their wedding night, the woman nervous and the man so eager to begin his sexual journey he didn’t even think, or even know, to use foreplay. With her nervousness teamed with his eagerness, she ended up in hospital with bleeding for three days.”

According to the report, the sexy venture is being received cautiously in Ramallah.

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