Palestinian girl attempts to stab Border Policeman

Apparent terror attack near the Old City’s Damascus Gate is thwarted by fellow Israeli officers

View of the Damascus Gate and Jerusalem's Old City (photo credit: Shmuel Bar-Am)
View of the Damascus Gate and Jerusalem's Old City (photo credit: Shmuel Bar-Am)

A 16-year-old female resident of East Jerusalem attempted to stab a Border Police officer near the Old City’s Damascus Gate on Friday.

Several other Border Policeman subdued the young woman, and one officer’s leg was lightly injured in the struggle. The suspect, from the Arab neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber, was taken in for questioning.

The recent uptick in terror attacks and attempted terror attacks against Israelis is a worrying trend, particularly as it comes amid intensive US-brokered peace talks.

Israeli right-wing lawmakers have pointed an accusatory finger at the Palestinian Authority, blaming it for incitement.

“Israel is continuing with the diplomatic process as though there’s no terror, while the Palestinians are continuing with the terror as though there’s no diplomatic process,” charged Economy Minister Naftali Bennett last week, on the heels of a thwarted bus bombing and a subsequent, unrelated, stabbing attack.

Bennett, whose Orthodox-nationalist Jewish Home party opposes the ongoing talks and supports Israeli annexation of much of the West Bank, insisted that the PA was culpable for the wave of terror because of the climate of hostility to Israel which it has maintained in the West Bank. “When you educate your children to terrorism from kindergarten, when your television broadcasts paint Jews as monsters, when even Tel Aviv is missing from your map — you’re a terrorist,” he said in a statement.

Overnight Monday, Israel released 26 convicted terrorists as part of a goodwill gesture in support of peace talks. It was the third of four prisoner releases scheduled.

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