Pedophile with US record cops to multiple assaults

Pedophile with US record cops to multiple assaults

Court remands Simon Benisty for assaulting minors in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox community

A suspected sex offender who has admitted to assaulting at least 11 minors was jailed in the US for similar offenses against two girls aged 8 and 10, Channel 10 revealed Thursday.

Police arrested Simon Benisty, a 48-year-old resident of Jerusalem, on Wednesday, after the mother of an 11-year-old girl filed a complaint against him over an alleged sexual assault against her daughter. In the course of the investigation, Benisty confessed to sexual misconduct against 10 other minors. He was remanded for six days on Thursday.

The New York sex offenders registry designates Benisty as a “sexually violent offender.” According to his page in the registry, he was sentenced to 11 months in prison and was subsequently deported to Israel in 2010. Benisty’s photo was published on a New York ultra-Orthodox community blog devoted to warning against sexual predators.

Israel doesn’t have a publicly available registry of sex offenders.

Police suspect that the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox community with which Benisty was associated in Israel learned of the complaints against him and, deciding against turning to the secular authorities, prescribed him a medication to curb his urges.

“The suspect used to exploit situations where there was no supervision of adults to commit various sexual offenses against minors,” the head of the investigation, Inspector David Katz, told Channel 10.

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