Police investigate pamphlets calling for ‘Price Tag’ acts against IDF

Tires of seven vehicles slashed in East Jerusalem

Protest tents outside the Givat Ulpana houses scheduled for eviction (photo by: Noam Moskowitz/ Flash90)
Protest tents outside the Givat Ulpana houses scheduled for eviction (photo by: Noam Moskowitz/ Flash90)

Police are investigating right-wing activists suspected of distributing pamphlets calling for “Price Tag” acts against the IDF. Pamphlets discovered in several West Bank settlements, including in the contested neighborhood of Givat Ulpana, call on the public to perform acts of vandalism and sabotage in protest of the government’s decision to evacuate five buildings from the settlement neighborhood.

The pamphlets, which suggested slashing the tires of military vehicles, filling their gas tanks with sugar and sand, and spray-painting slogans on IDF bases, were written in a sarcastic and pseudo-innocent tone, instructing potential vandals what “not” to do, but actually meaning the opposite.

The police are investigating who is behind the distribution and whether they can prosecute the authors on criminal charges.

The tires of seven vehicles belonging to Arabs were found slashed Monday morning in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat. The words “Regards from Ulpana” were spray-painted on one of the vehicles. Police launched an investigation.

Over the weekend vandals spray-painted racist invective and slashed the tires of vehicles belonging to residents of the mixed Arab-Jewish community of Neve Shalom, in an apparent right-wing extremist “Price Tag” retaliation to what is regarded as government action against the settlements.

The Knesset voted last Wednesday against a bill that would have effectively prevented the demolition of illegally constructed buildings in the Givat Ulpana neighborhood of Beit El. The move sparked harsh criticism by the right wing, leading to numerous protests, disturbances of the peace and threats of “Price Tag” retaliation.

Meanwhile, 20 mobile homes were hauled into the West Bank settlement of Beit El Monday morning as temporary housing for the families that will be evicted from the Ulpana neighborhood.

According to a High Court decision, the Ulpana houses must be evacuated by July 1.


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