Police recommend senior Mossad official be charged with financial misconduct

Nature of the official’s alleged crimes has not yet been reported

Police investigators have recommended that the state prosecutor charge a senior Mossad official for crimes involving financial misconduct. The official has been forced to take a leave of absence.

The investigators recommended an indictment in the case two months ago, but the media was barred from reporting on the story until Sunday.

The nature of the official’s alleged misconduct has not been reported.

The official, a department head in Israel’s spy organization, has reportedly denied any wrongdoing, but sources said he would likely not be reinstated in light of investigation findings and is effectively being forced to retire.

The individual is reported as having close ties to Mossad chief Tamir Pardo, who appointed him to his senior position last year.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement reading: “The investigation deals with events that allegedly took place between 2009 and the middle of 2011. As soon as the details came to light an internal investigation was launched and as a result of its findings was later handed over to the police by the head of the Mossad. The final decision regarding the fate of the department head will be reached after formal proceedings are completed, as required by law.”

The prosecutor has not yet decided whether to press charges.


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