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3 key insights on maintaining brand consistency across different social media platforms as per Audrey Victoria. Sponsored content

Audrey Victoria believes that it doesn’t need to if you take the time to establish your brand and build its unique image.

Audrey Victoria (Courtesy)
Audrey Victoria (Courtesy)

Social media is all about connection, every platform offers different ways to engage and connect with an audience. As a brand, to stay trending and relevant making the most of each of these platforms is essential. Beauty Youtuber Audrey Victoria understands what it takes to grow a brand online and utilize every social media platform to keep your image consistent. In less than a year, she successfully expanded her reach from her popular Youtube beauty channel, across TikTok and Instagram. Here, Audrey Victoria shares her insights on maintaining consistency across platforms while growing your brand.

Enhance your visuals
According to Audrey Victoria, a lot of people assume that striking visuals are only for Instagram, but she shares that an easy way to keep your brand image consistent across every platform is to having striking, similar visuals. You can do this by deciding on a defining brand color and filter, that’s present in every image you share. This can be as subtle as deciding to stick to only warm tones but it’s a simple way to maintain a recognizable brand aesthetic.

Find your voice
Before you even think about extending your brand and reaching a wider audience, Audrey Victoria insists that you need to know how you want your brand to be perceived. Someone’s perception of a brand can happen in seconds, a wild amount of exclamation marks and emojis within your content can instantly signal that your brand is youthful and exuberant, for example. She advises establishing and becoming comfortable with your brand’s ‘voice’ and making sure to keep this ‘voice’ consistent across every platform.

Perfect your profile photo
Linking your brand accounts and staying consistent can be as simple as using the same profile picture for every platform. Audrey Victorica shares that your brand’s thumbnail picture is incredibly important. She advises settling on just one image, whether it’s your logo or a professional headshot, and using it across every social media platform. Doing this ensures that your brand remains recognizable in a glance when you comment, message, and post and easily connects your brand with your content across every platform.

With so many different platforms available to connect with your audience, keeping them consistent can feel daunting. Audrey Victoria believes that it doesn’t need to if you take the time to establish your brand and build its unique image.

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