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3 Pro Tips to Create a Passive Source of Revenue by Kevin Beutler

Property investment has long been hailed as one of the best ways to cement investments.

Courtesy of Kevin Beutler
Courtesy of Kevin Beutler

Experiment is the name of the game. In spirit and action, people of today are constantly looking for ways with which to increase their income. Passive sources of revenue have generated tremendous interest among many. For self-made successful entrepreneur Kevin Beutler these three ideas are worth experimenting with to create passive sources of revenue.

“The internet has bridged the gap between students and learning,” says Kevin. He adds, “Just one click on the internet and you are neck-deep into the world of DIY videos, tutorials, and more. So, if you are an expert at something then pick up the camera, set the tripod, create the syllabus then press record. In creating video tutorials consistently, you stand to earn via patrons, and if you get lucky, even through your platform of choice.

Kevin Beutler

Invest in property
Property investment has long been hailed as one of the best ways to cement investments. The proposition stands true to this date. Research about the place where you wish to invest. Consult property pundits to know how they evaluate the future of that location. Once you have enough information to work with, take the plunge and start playing the waiting game. The returns might be slow but if the stars are aligned in your favor and your research has been on point, there will be returns sooner than later.

Become an Airbnb host
This is the new form of economy to take advantage of. If you can rent out your house or a portion of it to travelers, you stand to gain new experiences, perhaps friendships, and even some money. It’ll take a few trials and errors before you hit gold in terms of what you expect and what you offer, but playing the good host is back in action like never before.

Passive income sources can become steady additions to your wealth. With Kevin’s tips, you can give yourself a new start without stopping what you are currently pursuing.

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