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3 rewarding aspects of being grateful, as per Kristian Pengwin. Sponsored Content

“Gratitude entirely changes the perspective of a person.”

Kristian Pengwin
Kristian Pengwin

The universe is the greatest supporter of gratitude. It is widely believed that one without gratitude creates anomie for oneself. A study at Berkeley, indicates that practicing gratitude could improve our mental health, help us appreciate people in our lives, and shift the focus from negative feelings. Maintaining a simple gratitude journal or expressing gratitude more often can set us up for a higher level of consciousness.

“Gratitude is the realization of the contribution of others in maintaining our entity in this universe,” says Kristian Pengwin. A grateful person carries a positive vibe and becomes a portable bundle of ecstasy. As per Pengwin, the cosmos rewards the grateful in the following ways.

Gratitude brings happiness:

The world becomes a happy place for those who are thankful for little things. Pengwin states that it clearly shows their quality of appreciation they hold for everything they have. In return, grateful people believe in spreading happiness, and since everyone is in their own pursuit of happiness, others get fascinated by these “grateful and delightful souls.”

Gratitude changes mindset:

“When one carries adulation for everything,” says Kristian Pengwin, “one doesn’t hold any grudges or malicious feelings for anyone.” A grateful person gets rid of all negativity whatsoever.

“Gratitude entirely changes the perspective of a person.” Pengwin further says that the mind withdraws itself from unpleasant reactions. While a grateful person becomes serene, contented, and helpful, his ego and selfishness reduce.

Gratitude brings progression:

Pengwin says that a thankful person brings inevitable progression. Pengwin further claims that progress is a sure shot reward for grateful people as they dwell on positivity and take a problem-solving approach. In addition, gratitude brings abundance, states Kristian Pengwin.

“Abundance brings progress plus the elated spirit of sharing. An abundant man is progressive, and a progressive man becomes abundant but only if grateful,” he concludes.

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