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3 Tips to stay focused amidst trying times, as per Isabella Garofanelli

Her mantra is as simple as it is memorable: stress less. Those are words well-worth living by.

Isabella Garofanelli
Isabella Garofanelli

To call the global pandemic trying times is a massive understatement. Lost lives collided with a shattered economy and jagged nerves. Isabella Garofanelli realizes all too well the multiple effects COVID-19 has had on the world and offers some tips on how to stay focused in an altered world.

Care About Your Job

When things get tough, people can start to slip at work. If you feel this is happening to you or someone drops a hint, Isabella Garofanelli says, “the best thing to do is take a step back and remember how important your job is.” Employers will likely empathize and work with you for a while, but this is not a long-term solution. And remember, if you lose your job, things will get a lot more difficult very quickly. Remind yourself of the importance of not just your income but other benefits like health insurance.

Schedule Your Day

If you have a lot of tasks and responsibilities at work, schedule your day. “Break your tasks down into time blocks such as an hour,” adds Garofanelli. This will keep you focused, organized, and productive. It can also make your workload less overwhelming. It will be satisfying to check off tasks as you accomplish them. And that sense of accomplishment is another way to help with focus.

Stay Calm

A calm mind is a must to stay focused in a topsy-turvy world. Calm brings self-confidence and inner strength, characteristics that can benefit any aspect of your life. This inner calm can carry a person through even the toughest of situations. When you start to feel overwhelmed or lose focus, Garofanelli advised to stop, take a deep breath, then breathe slowly and deeply for 10-30 seconds. The goal is to clear your mind, stop, and restart.

The great thing about these tips is their simplicity. We already lived in a complex world, and the pandemic has presented challenges we haven’t seen in decades. Instead of offering solutions that could be more harmful than helpful, Isabella Garofanelli believes in simple tactics that can be utilized in almost any profession. Her mantra is as simple as it is memorable: stress less. Those are words well-worth living by.

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