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A day in the life of Instagram model Natalia Elenkina. Sponsored Content

While many models want to keep their beauty secrets to themselves, Natalia Elenkina isn’t one to hide anything from her fans.

Courtesy of Natalia Elenkina
Courtesy of Natalia Elenkina

You often marvel at the photos of glamorous models on Instagram. The picturesque locations, hot outfits, and perfect poses blow your mind away.

But don’t you wonder how models spend their days? What is the first thing that they do after they get up? Or maybe, how many hours do they work out every day to stay in such stunning shape?

While many models want to keep their beauty secrets to themselves, Natalia Elenkina isn’t one to hide anything from her fans.

Natalia shot to fame on Instagram after thousands of her followers started liking and sharing her pictures. She already had a stellar fashion sense and knew how to pose in front of the camera. But to become a successful model on social media, fame isn’t something you always come across.

Natalia’s morning routine

Many people are curious about when models sleep and wake up. Many of them believe that models party all the time late into the night. Well, that’s not true. And Natalia isn’t an exception. She is far from a party animal. She wakes up sharp at 5:30 in the morning.

“I wake up early because I work out during the most peaceful hour of the day. In addition, the weather is usually comfortable during this time, giving me the perfect setting to hit the gym. I work out for an hour at least before my hair, and makeup artist arrives.”

While most people wake up at 7 or 8 in the morning, Natalia wakes up a couple of hours earlier. It shows her dedication to her profession. Once she finishes working out, she drinks a cup of black coffee. She says black coffee gives her energy to work throughout the day. It freshens her up and relieves her from the morning grogginess.

Her hair and makeup artists take around two hours to finish working on her. She tries to put on a new look every day.

According to Natalia, “I think Instagram and Hollywood are similar in a few ways. First of all, people will frown if you wear the same outfit twice. Secondly, you need to look slim and fit throughout the year. Finally, putting on weight means you are giving your audience a chance to turn you into a meme.”

Post-noon work

The photographer arrives once she finishes her makeup. She and the photographer decide whether to do an indoor or outdoor shoot. Natalia has already shot in various outdoor locations, sometimes amidst nature, while sometimes in busy streets.

Various shooting locations give Natalia a chance to explore different parts of the city. You can check out some of her stunning photoshoots on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

She eats lunch with the entire team. Her lunch usually consists of green, leafy vegetables and lots of fruits. Once she reaches home, she spends time listening to music and replying to messages from fans on social media, getting in touch with sponsors and brands regarding their new deals, and sometimes, reading her favorite books.

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