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Abid Dharamsey advocates the work from home model amidst the pandemic and leads by example. Sponsored Content

Press Release: Bison Creations, the digital agency founded by Abid Dharamsey, continues to dominate the digital market with its all-in-one remote work system that is equally suitable for clients and employees


March 5th, 2021, Friday – Abid Dharamsey, the founder of Bison Creations, a full-service digital agency, has once again taken the lead in the international digital market by introducing an all-in-one remote work system. Abid Dharamsey has named it “All-stars work system.” 

The remote work system will enable the employees of Bison Creations to perform all functions while ensuring the SOPs for COVID-19. The clients of Bison Creations can equally benefit from the remote work system. Previously also, the employees were able to function the majority of the work without requiring to attend the office. Employees attending the office of Bison Creations for certain reasons were ensuring social distancing and strict obedience of the SOPs issued by the World Health Organization and the governments of respective offices.

Bison Creations Takes the Lead in Digital Market

Abid Dharamsey keeps the safety of the employees of Bison Creations at top most priority. Before pandemic, regular health checkups were being conducted at the office. The office also has an in-house gymnasium with a dedicated fitness instructor and full equipment. 

Right after the pandemic, Abid Dharamsey had already started the process of conducting maximum office functions remotely. However, a few departments that required uninterrupted collaboration regarding projects still had to attend the office. This did not apply during the lockdown period. However, the founder of Bison Creations ensured that SOPs were strictly followed and all office functions were carried out while maintaining social distancing. This includes basic life tasks also, such as the use of elevators. 

Abid Dharamsey, along with his dedicated team, was working on the all-in-one remote work system to make sure that all employees can work remotely, including the departments that need regular collaboration. “Very few companies have an in-house system that allows employees to work remotely. However, our All-Star work system stands out in a way that it does not require you to attend the office for any task. Everything from meetings to scheduling and retrieving updates can be done from the All-Star work system”, Abid Dharamsey mentioned about his remote work system.

Equally Beneficial for Employees and Clients

The founder of Bison Creations, Abid Dharamsey said that the comfort and safety of his employees and clients has always been his utmost priority. “Since pandemic started, we had been working on the All-Star work system. It had been in the testing phase for 2 months, and our employees were already using it. We were omitting all kinds of small errors for seamless functioning. Today, I proudly announce that our All-Star remote work system is unbeatably clean from errors and ensures flawless functioning for both employees and clients’ ‘, Abid Dharamsey told.

Features of the All-Star Work System for Clients:

Scheduling – Clients can request to schedule a meeting with their respective designated representative or an alternative.

Project Updating – Clients can request details of the project update through meeting, email, or other medium.

Video and Audio Calling – Clients can make direct video and audio calls, including shared screen option through in-house calling system.

Live Project Tracking – The clients of Bison Creations can now track their projects and get instant details and updates through the live project tracking system.

In-House Shared Project – Clients can request access to in-house shared project systems to share their ideas on each update or request to make changes.

Easy Access to Services – The clients can now request to add more services to their project through easy access to our services system. The new additions will be automatically quoted by the All-star remote system. This does not apply for custom services.

And more…

“With the All-Star Work System, we are sure that our clients can now become an integral part of our projects”, Abid Dharamsey told. The All-Star Remote work system is not available for sale right now, but Abid Dharamsey claims that the system might be available to other digital agencies soon.

About the Company

Bison Creations is a full-service digital agency started by Abid Dharamsey. Over the years, Bison Creations has grown with dedicated teams for each department. Abid Dharamsey believes in providing revolutionary solutions in content writing, content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, online reputation management, search engine optimization, and other services offered by Bison Creations.


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