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Adam Gunton is on a mission to defeat addiction at its source: The school system

I was one of the lucky ones. I managed to overcome my addiction and thank God I am now a recovered addict

Courtesy of Adam Gunton
Courtesy of Adam Gunton

Addiction can come in all shapes and sizes and wears many faces. Upon your first meeting, it will greet you as a friend but as the years tick by it will become your most bitter enemy. No one chooses to become addicted, the addiction chooses them and once it has its hooks in it will take an almost superhuman effort to wrench free of perhaps the most common and deadliest disease of them all. Adam Gunton is an individual who is well-versed in the many facets and dynamics of addiction. His drug addiction left him desolate, homeless, and on ŧhe brink of despair.

“I was one of the lucky ones. I managed to overcome my addiction and thank God I am now a recovered addict,” revealed the founder of Recovered On Purpose, a movement dedicated to helping recovering addicts share their story and build for a brighter, better future and life of purpose.”

Adam believes his own slide into addiction began in Columbine High School. He was one of the kids who were present in the school during the terrible massacre that put Columbine on the map. It was the first time he tasted true fear and for years afterward, he would seek to keep a lid on that fear by drowning himself in a sea of alcohol and drugs. Things came to a head in his twenties when his best friend, who was dealing with his own issues, shot himself. It was a huge wake-up call for Adam. He realized that for years he had been numbing himself to his true feelings and self through drugs and alcohol. He vowed things needed to change and decided to get clean,

Adam explained, “Addicts are never fully cured of their addiction. They are always addicts, they just choose daily not to give in and start using again. People need to understand this because right now addiction is an epidemic and a war. That war is raging on our streets and in our schools right here, right now, and I’m urging more and more people to get involved and defeat addiction as its source. ”

As well as being a fierce advocate of recovery and helping fellow addicts through the bond of shared experience and living a life of purpose, Adam is passionate about nipping addiction in the bud and cutting the roots off at the source before they can take hold. By going into schools and sharing their experiences with the kids, Adam believes recovering addicts can connect with youngsters in a way authority figures cannot.

Adam said, “I guarantee you that there are kids in every school dealing with a whole host of issues surrounding drugs and alcohol that no one in positions of authority knows anything about. They keep it all inside and deal with this terrible burden alone, Recovered On Purpose has a mission and that mission is to let them know they’re not alone and we are there for them when they want to talk and tell their story. We also want to share with them firsthand accounts of the terrible places the path of addiction finally leads.”

Adam explained, “When you’re young you have aspirations, dreams, and hopes for a future. Unfortunately, the world we live in, social pressure, and the choices we make can all too often lead to a dangerous path and that path is addiction. Nothing good comes from addiction it just takes and gives nothing back. It’s a slippery slope where all dreams, ideals, and aspirations are trampled into the dirt. I believe if we can tackle substance abuse at source by going into schools and educating kids we can dramatically change things.”

Adam added, “Peer pressure, anxiety, depression, lack of support, and an impoverished environment can all lead kids into the arms of addiction. Our job is to show them there’s another way, a healthier, positive, more life-affirming way. Addiction is a terrible thing. A parasite that creeps up on you slowly and then one day you wake up and your life is ruined. If Recovered On Purpose can prevent that from happening to just one kid, then it makes everything worthwhile.”

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