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Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar Shares Two Challenges Everyone Will Face On Their Path To Success

Dr. Ahmed el Muntasar
Dr. Ahmed el Muntasar

Every entrepreneur, no matter the field, faces challenges at one point or another. The renowned cosmetic doctor Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar is no exception. When he was only 16 years old, Dr. Ahmed moved from his native Libya to the United Kingdom to pursue the best medical education possible. He went on to study at one of the world’s finest institutions—the University of St. Andrews in Scotland—followed by the University of Manchester, and he received training through the British Association of Dermatologists and Royal College of Surgeons.

While he is currently known for working with celebrities and running three clinics of his own in the UK, he has certainly had ups and downs throughout his career. “There are two main challenges for anybody starting out. First, you need to generate enough financial capital to back up your ideas. For that reason, you need to be money-savvy, determined, and disciplined,” Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar shares.

The second big challenge comes down to organization and planning. “You need to take your time in order to perfect your craft. You should niche down early on. Trying to be a jack of all trades will not bring you success. At one point, I was juggling too many things at once. I was creating my loyal fan base through social media. I was also organizing the daily schedule at my clinics and performing procedures as well,” he recalls.

His best advice when it comes to tackling these challenges revolves around methodical thinking, proper planning, and a focused mindset. “During my years of education and training, I learned to think methodically and to prioritize. I wouldn’t be able to get anything done if I went in without a plan. Every aspiring entrepreneur needs to have a game plan,” he explains.

On the topic of mindset, Dr. El Muntasar shares that it’s all too easy to fall into a mindset of desperation and demotivation. “It happens to me, too, sometimes,” he admits, adding, “Anybody can fall into the cycle of thinking that things are too hard. But you need to snap out of it. For me, exercise is a big help. When I feel like I’m falling into a negative pattern, I go train.”

Moreover, Dr. Ahmed reminds himself of the joy his patients feel when he performs a procedure that finally fulfills them. “There’s nothing that can compare to that joy,” he says. “I see it like this: a 15-minute treatment that I do can bring a lifetime of happiness to a patient. Some patients seem as if they see themselves for the first time because I give them the look that they’ve always wanted their whole lives.”

Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar is running a thriving business that keeps on growing, as does his social media fanbase. He is poised for massive success both as a medical professional and as an entrepreneur.

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