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ESTE Medical & BuildMyBod Health on why transparency is critical in the medical industry. Sponsored content

Patients are adamant on doing their own research as they rightfully should,” explains Dr. Kaplan.

ESTE Health and BuildMyBod (Courtesy)
ESTE Health and BuildMyBod (Courtesy)

The medical industry is there to support the health and well-being of others. It is the backbone of a healthy society, but at times it can be fraught with confusion, misinformation, bias, and agendas. While that can be difficult to navigate, the best providers understand that they should open doors to their patients and clients by providing a place where trusted information is readily available. ESTE Medical and BuildMyBod Health are doing just that, and their leaders explain why transparency is critical in the medical industry.

Both ESTE Medical and BuildMyBod Health offer cosmetic and aesthetic procedures in warm and inviting atmospheres. “We firmly believe that patients should feel comfortable coming to us with anything,” states Sam Cinkir, Managing Director of ESTE Medical. “That starts with informative and transparent content that shows what we can offer them. Patients begin their search online, and it’s essential to lead them to our office digitally showcasing honesty in our work and process.”

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan of BuildMyBod Health agrees. An early pioneer in the digital marketing of medicine, Dr. Kaplan embraced successful SEO practices putting his practice in the spotlight. “Patients are adamant on doing their own research as they rightfully should,” explains Dr. Kaplan. “A medical provider is only as good as the information they can provide. So, give people the confidence to pursue your practice because they want to. Because they understand what you can do, not because you were the only or first one available.”

Both experts believe that a medical industry that serves its patients is transparent and direct. “We believe more practices should lead with education,” states Sam Cinkir. “Educating your patients empowers them to make the right decisions for their health.” Sam Cinkir maintains that patients should feel that their doctors are working with them, not telling them what to do.

Dr. Kaplan takes a similar approach. “Working with your patients requires a high level of transparency,” says Dr. Kaplan.
“Your patients are making life-changing decisions. They should be able to explore every option.” Transparency is the first step towards a positive provider-patient relationship, and the more the industry commits to the share of information, the better services it can provide.

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