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Giuliana Infantolino encourages young women to disregard societal taboos and become financially independent

Courtesy of Giuliana Infantolino
Courtesy of Giuliana Infantolino

Giuliana Infantolino tried her hand at several odd jobs before finding her calling in the sex industry. Facing odds from friends and other society members, Infantolino fought it all to earn her economic freedom and secure her future.

Tales of struggling women like Giuliana Infantolino act as the beacon light for women’s empowerment. Working in the sex industry is taboo in society, but that did not deter Infantolino from pursuing it for her financial independence. In a tete-a tete with her, we discover some of the crucial decisions that shaped her life, helped her achieve financial freedom, and support her family members.

Journey of empowering herself
Growing up in a small town in New Jersey fuelled Infantolino’s desire for new experiences. Born to a traditional Italian family, Infantolino spent most of her youth in a bubble of what people would perceive ‘normal.’ “As soon as I turned 18, I knew I needed to venture out. I relocated to South Florida. Five years down the line, I found myself waitressing at a restaurant. I was barely making enough money to break even every month. It seemed like no matter how many hours I worked, I found myself having to choose between paying electricity bills or grocery bills,” recounts Infantolino.

During her initial days of struggles, she felt lost and would keep going to bed without enough food, only to wake up the next day and spend time in drudgery. Without any guidance or mentor to help her reform her life, Giuliana Infantolino landed in the sex industry at the young age of 23, determined to change her standard of living and lead a life of contentment. Though there were cons in the sex industry, the pros outweighed them. The work hours were more flexible, the payout was decent, and the work didn’t leave her with swollen feet and tired eyes but with financial stability. The boom in the online modeling space added more strength to her existence. With the demands in the digital world increasing each day, Guiliana went on to draw a six-figure paycheck. “I can invest in my future in a way that wouldn’t have been possible with an ‘ordinary’ job. People may view it as taboo and cast their judgment but for me, my family’s and my security will always trump their opinions,” states Infantolino on her journey towards power and freedom.

Tomorrow is a new day
At present, Giuliana Infantolino takes an interest in investing in high-value properties and securing her future. She reads in her spare time and encourages others to believe in themselves and overcome all odds to accomplish their dreams and desires.

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