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Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer lists 3 attributes that boost the racing industry

Businesses no longer need a pricey marketing department; they just need active social media accounts.

Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer
Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer

Some people have a natural, almost uncanny ability with horses. There are real-life horse whisperers, and Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer is one of them. This equine trainer is among the most famous in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where horse racing is deeply embedded in Emirati culture.

Overseeing the famous Fazza stables, Ghadayer pairs passion and teamwork with every staff member to continuously produce champion racehorses. Every member of Ghadayer’s staff can tell a person even the tiniest detail of each horse at this facility. As he trains favorite contenders to take the first prize at the Dubai World Cup, Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer has some ideas about what the biggest equine trends of 2021 will be.

Online Presence

Businesses no longer need a pricey marketing department; they just need active social media accounts.

An online presence offers more than just effective advertising; it provides active engagement with a target customer base. Video content is growing in popularity and is an ideal medium for the racehorse industry as a moving image delivers a more memorable impact than a still picture. After all, this industry is all about speed.


In Dubai, wearing clothing and accessories supporting your favorite racehorse is like a UK resident wearing a football jersey. No matter how simple the merchandise, it will likely sell. Small and simple pieces are ideal to sell at races because it’s not a bulky package to keep track of. Stables like Fazza can offer jackets, vests, shirts, and other apparel items sporting their logo, an attractive option for people who are boarding their horses at these prestigious stables.

Environmental Issues

Social consciousness is a very attractive attribute for a business. Climate change and sustainability are global issues, especially among agriculture and livestock. Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer understands these issues and sees them as being opportunities for improvement. This can be accomplished with water conservation measures, increasing solar power use (perfect under the Dubai sun), composting manure, increased recycling, and buying local supplies to reduce carbon emissions. These measures can be implemented at stables or any equestrian venue.

While there is no doubt that Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer knows his horses, he also knows the overall industry. As the caretaker of UAE champions like Matterhorn and Gronkowski, this elite trainer is a leading authority in Emirati horse racing, and when he speaks, people will do well to listen.

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